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One stop shop for Your Complete Machinery & Drilling Services 

Drilling Solution 

Providing a professional drilling solution for PV projects in terms of foundations , operating recent fleet of drilling machines with a record of over 30,000 holes in different topographies across the kingdom of Jordan  from North to South collaborating with most of the well - known companies in this field ........

Stock list 

Providing a high quality second hand machinery for the last 8 years importing all kind of construction machines from Europe delivering a well maintained and ready to work used machines to the local market and to the region ..........

Our Services.

Out of 40 years of experience in this field Mr Mustafa Abu Safieh insisted that each customer deserves to have a high quality machines and because of strong knowledge he has also been able to  identify the best machines that fit customer need and also save money and time for customers which result in a real satisfaction ......... 

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Authorised EDT Breakers Reseller in the region 

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